Trumeaus--Reproduction or Antique?

Mirrors are a great statement throughout a house and often overlooked in decorating.  It is usually in the finest homes you find outstanding French and Italian mirrors.  The French trumeau became popular in the 18th century and were found in homes in France up until the mid-1800's.  Some of these mirrors were built into paneling in walls in these homes.  This type of mirror is called a boiserie--it is often difficult to tell the difference unless it is obvious that the sides of the mirror have been removed from a wall.  

Today, I love a large trumeau leaning against a wall, a gilded mirror in a powder bath, an Italian mirror above a console or bureau.  That is one of the reasons I am starting to make authentic reproduction mirrors based on actual antiques.  Well, to be honest, most of these outstanding mirrors command a hefty price that doesn't fit in our household budget (which is probably the same with many people).  In addition, most every reproduction I have seen is simply not done correctly.  The mirrors I am designing now are as close to the originals as I have found, with relief carvings that were originally designed over 100 years ago in the U.S. by European carvers.  My goal is to eventually have a selection of French trumeaus and some Italian mirrors to offer for sale.  All of the details of these mirrors will be exact or close to it with the carvings that originated in Europe.  Below are some examples of the designs I am working on.  The first one is one of my favorites and is my first project:


Things That Inspire said...

I absolutely love trumeaux (is that the plural?). Many years ago, I had my eye on one in an antique store in Atlanta, but at the time did not have the budget to purchase one. Now, I do not have the wall space!

Over the years, my taste has changed somewhat. I went into a slightly more contemporary phase, but now I like contemporary expressed in the art and possibly some fabrics, and I like the furnishings to stay more traditional. Since I am still thinking about that trumeau that got away, all these years later, I know it is a style that really has longevity with me.

I love the idea of a truly well crafted reproduction trumeau. Sometimes the antique ones are in such bad shape!

Teacats said...

Lovely lovely mirrors! And yes! can be pricy too. Since many decor ladies have switched to a slightly more modern beat (except here at Rosemary Cottage) -- as wisely suggested in Things That Inspire's comment -- perhaps consider creating a more modern-vibe trumeau? With Greek Key or Deco lines or influences? Maybe a Hollywood Regency feel -- maybe a black-ebony-and-white one? JUST a thought!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Trey said...

What is Rosemary Cottage

Teacats said...

Ah! Rosemary Cottage is the name of my very common small suburban home just outside Dallas. When I lived in England (just outside Windsor) MANY years ago -- most of the homes had names of some sort. When we saw this poor little house -- the only living thing in the garden was a huge rosemary bush -- and so I had a local shop do up the name on a china plaque for the doorway. Of course the neighbours have always found that practice quite odd ... but I think houses just seem to "ask" for names! It seems to give them a certain sense of "being"

Jan at Rosemary Cottage