Reader Poll: Your Favorite Italian Console

What is it about French and Italian houses that gets everyone so excited?  Although I've only written a handful of posts, the ones on French and Italian designs get, by far, the most response.  Of course I've had a lot of response to the Southern Accents Showhouse post as well.  I guess it's more great design than anything that piques people's interest.

When it comes to furnishing a period revival house, as I've written before, I do not mind mixing styles.  If you have a English style house I love a mixture of French antiques.  If you prefer a French styled house, Italian furnishings work great as well.

As for me, we have always lived in a period revival style house.  A couple of years ago, someone called and asked if they could buy our Tudor style house.  Within 16 hours we had a contract signed and we moved in 3 weeks.  It was a whirlwind.  We couldn't find a house to buy and were searching quite furiously.  My friend and realtor called and wanted me to look at a house in an area I didn't particularly want to live in--made up of mostly all ranch style houses from the 1960's.  I didn't even want to look at it.  She talked me in to looking at it--a typical American vernacular that ended up having some curb appeal with six beautiful live oaks in the front yard.  My first thought was, "I can do something with this".  I called my wife, asked her to look at it and her response was the same--"I don't want to live there".  I encouraged her to look at it and once she did, she said, "You better put a contract on this".  

All of this to say, we now live in a 1961 typical vernacular house (almost completely remodeled) that we are filling with furnishings mixed in French and Italian styles that have nothing to do with the exterior.  But we love it.

My newest projects for the house are a new dining room table, an enormous French trumeau and an Italian console for the powder bath sink.  All of these I am building, finishing and some will have gold leafing and glazing.

Right now, I am torn on exactly what I want the Italian style console to look like.  This is where I'd love your help.  Which do you prefer?  Please send me a email or leave a post to which of the consoles below you like best.  I'll let you know which gets the most votes.  The easy thing for me to do would be to just purchase one of these, but with prices ranging from $9,000-$45,000, I think the prudent thing to do would be to make a reproduction.   I love all of these, just trying to narrow down which one I want to make first.  My plan is to eventually start production on several of these to offer for sale (as well as the mirror).  I look forward to hearing from you.


avidHOME said...

I like #5 and #7 - there is a little more carving, making it go more Italian I think - and in a powder bath you want it to be a showstopper, if your going to go through all the trouble of doing custom - make it worth it! Just my thoughts... :)

Trey said...

I love #7 as well, but am thinking the last one since we have a lot of carving on pieces in our house. Keep it a bit more simple.

Things That Inspire said...

I adore Italian consoles, but I must admit that my taste runs to simpler forms. If pushed to pick, I would probably say the last one, although I like proportions that are little more delicate than this one.

Niermann Weeks has a nice reproduction Italian console that I have admired in person and in magazines.

Amy Howard also has a Italian influenced console that is quite beautiful.

Trey said...

I agree, I like both of them (and a lot of their products) however I feel like neither encompasses the details & proportion I am looking for. I know that Amy Howard does have some great finishes though.