Door Hardware for a Period Revival House

Finding the correct door hardware for your house is a very difficult thing.  Most people go to their local hardware distributor to pick out their door knobs or levers and select from the few selections that the largetst companies offer or the ones that are samples at the showroom.  This usually consists of selections that don't coincide with the style of their house.

Historically, door hardware was made to precisely fit the design of the house.  However, there are many hardware designs that are suitable for multiple house designs.  For example, as in lighting, you will find that some English styles would be appropriate with Spanish and Italian houses.

The door hardware examples above consist of English and French styles but several can be used in a Mediterranean style house as well.

While this is just a small sample of beautiful door knobs and levers, it will give you a feel for what is correct to use in your English, French or Mediterranean style house.  In future posts I will give more examples or if you would like to contact me for recommendations, how to purchase these (and more) or just general guidance please do so.


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