Modern Twist on Classical Designs

Modern adaptations of classical architecture have their place.  It is very easy to completely destroy what started out as a great design.  I see it all the time on additions to old houses.

However, when done right and an architect puts his spin on period revival architecture the outcome can be outstanding.  One of the best I know of for doing this is Bobby McAlpine and his partner Greg Tankersley of McAlpine Tankersley.  They describe their work as "nurturing, compassionate, soulful," the firm's architecture, wedding historical precedence with graceful modern living, is a timeless and romantic pursuit of "The Inheritable House".

And do they ever.  What is even more amazing is that their firm is headquartered in little Montgomery, Alabama.  You know how us Southerners (I'm from Baton Rouge) love great architecture.  Below are some pictures of their work.  These pictures came from both Southern Accents and Veranda.

The picture above and directly below are of Bobby McAlpine's house he built in Montgomery quite a few years ago.  He has since sold it and restored another house.

The three pictures above are of a house I saw when I was visiting family in Memphis and taking my early morning architecture drive (I do this in every city I visit).  At the time, I didn't know it was a McAlpine-Tankersley house but it caught my eye from 500' away.

The next two pictures are of Greg Tankersley's personal house.

I'll do more posts on modern adaptations of period revival homes and the architects who are doing great work.


alice said...

Bobby McAlpine is a favorite of mine!

His classical approach is stunning, and the way he edits makes for such refreshing spaces.

Great post!

Trey said...

He does "edit" well doesn't he. He did a very modern English house in Highland Park in Dallas that is outstanding (but very modern). While I love it, I don't think it would be for me. But his stucco details, use of steel windows, and the interesting spaces he creates amaze me. Very, very talented.

avidHOME said...

I have the article from Veranda tabbed and thumb through it everyone once in a while and love it all over again. I love the loft/industrial bent with the steel doors and windows but on a classic house like that.

Anonymous said...

Great post. McAlpine is a true talent. Hopefully you will post more about his architectural peers doing similar work. I know Keith Summerour in Atlanta is doing some very interesting modern interpretations of classic homes. I believe he studied under Bobby at Auburn and perhaps worked for him at some point?

Trey said...

Thank you. I do believe that Summerour studied under or worked for Bobby McAlpine. I'll try and find out for sure. There are others and I'm going to do more posts on them. If anyone knows of similar architects in your area, please forward them to me. I'd love to look at their work.

Jason said...

If you like Bobby McAlpine's work, you should also check out the work of Bill Ingram, a Birmingham based architect. He has done several houses that have been featured in Southern Accents. The firm of Sprott, Long and Associates (also based in Birmingham) does much more classical interpretations of French and English architecture. Definitely worth checking out.

Isaac said...

It should also be noted that McAlpine-Tankersley works with several talented landscape architects as well. I used to work for Page|Duke (, who worked with McAlpine-Tankersley on two of the projects feature on this page.


Heidi said...

I am so in love with Bobby's work. I just did a post on it and found you while searching. Love you blog, will be back. Heidi