Furniture for the French House

While the main focus of my blog is the design of period revival houses, from time to time I'll offer insight into what would be appropriate for the interior of these houses as well.  When I come across "finds" for a house I'll make you aware of them.

Here I am giving some pictures of reproduction French furniture that would look great in any French styled house.  While the settee is a Swedish design, I love it for a French look as well.  All of these pieces can be finished in at least two colors.  I have also included a picture of a antique French Trumeau mirror that my wife fell in love with.  The problem is that it is $12,500.  So, I am working on reproducing one that is similar that is about 4' wide by 8' tall.  Once I have built, painted, gold leafed and glazed the reproduction mirror I am going to decide if I want to make more to sell.  I'll let you know.  For now, if you would like to buy any of the pieces above please email me for more information.  Merry Christmas.


Gerrie said...

I just discovered your blog through a link with Cote de Texas.

Looking forward to reading regularly.

I'm planning on making a tremeau too!
Originals are just too expensive for my purse.

mimi said...

Great blog.I will be back.

Trey said...

Thank you. I love designing and building beautiful homes and now love doing my blog just as much. It is fun showing people the correct design details for classical architecture.

Cote de Texas said...

So pretty! I love French furniture - I can't deny it.

french country furniture said...

I always prefer and habited to use French Furniture.It look very ancient and Elegant piece in our Home.

French Furniture said...

Wow, I love French furniture. The images you have shown are gorgeous.