The French Style

There are many different styles of houses within the term "French-style".

The variations are vast and it is common to find people who love one and despise another.  Others have a love of everything French.  I tend to agree with the latter, however I will admit that the more refined French style is what pleases my eye the most.

This photo of a 1920s symmetrical French style house is one of my favorites.  It sits in the beautiful neighborhood of Highland Park in Dallas.  The details of this house are what make it stand out to me.  With the swooped roof to the limestone door surround and the swags on the flat roof areas.  These intricate details make this house a beautiful example of how to do it right.

In future posts I will cover many different styles of homes (Spanish, Italian, English, etc.) along with product recommendations to go along with these styles.  These will include both exterior and interior products such as mantels, doors, iron work, lighting and furniture.


Cote de Texas said...

this is such a gorgeous home! what street is it on? it's so beautiful!!!

Trey said...

It is on Armstrong on the North side of the street. I have not been able to find who the architect was or the exact year, but I think it was built in the late 1920's or early 30's. I am considering designing and building a very similar house for my family in River Hills where we are building the Southern Accents showhouse.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the architect was Hal Thomson.

-Ron Kerridge

Anonymous said...

Trey, you're right about when it was built: 1929 (per VMcA's book on the Park Cities). Thomson was the architect.

Ron Kerridge